Sherrie Suski has never had a “normal” forty-hour workweek— and after two fulfilling decades directing some of the most exceptional startup companies in the tech industry, she doesn’t plan on it. Sherrie is currently the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Tricon American Homes (TAH), an accomplished property management firm located in Mission Viejo, California.

Over the years, Sherrie Suski has taken a company through an IPO, overseen multiple company acquisitions, and worked with both brand new and well-established brands. From 2011 to 2015, she served as Chief Administrative Officer and Vice President of Human Resources at BlueCava, a software company that provides cross-screen mapping for advertising campaigns. During her time at BlueCava, she improved workplace culture, managed international relations, and oversaw massive hiring initiatives at various startups, resulting in unprecedented business growth and millions of dollars in revenue. In addition to the basics, like on-boarding, creating a culture, and aligning the employees to the mission of the company, Sherrie branched out into other areas. Soon she was handling the contracting, Proof of Concept process, the privacy initiatives and the whole installed customer base.
Sherrie Suski summarizes the importance of recruiting for startups through one statement: “There are great people, great companies, and horrible matches.” Because nothing points this out faster than the startup environment, in which every single employee needs to pull their own weight (and usually the equivalent of two others as well), it’s vital to align a company’s talent with its business objectives. That’s why Sherrie has focused on building the strongest teams possible with the greatest communication methods.

Sherrie is the first to admit that startups are not for the faint of heart: they grow and get acquired for large multiples if you are lucky, and they crash and burn if you aren’t. However, it’s that possibility and “open road” mentality that drives Sherrie Suski every day. Over the past twenty years she has repeatedly parsed through groundbreaking concepts, deduced which could really turn into something special, and then applied her business sense to help it happen. She loves the competition of doing what no one else has done yet, getting ahead of a market or trend and gaining market shares before competitors. Through stress levels can raise high and venture capital funding is not always a certainty depending on the economy, Sherrie takes on the challenge.